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LASERIUM studios have an extensive history of providing laser visual fx for film and video production. Shot here in Van Nuys were illuminating moments on TV from "Mork and Mindy" to "Freaks and Geeks", and in movies like "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", "The Wrath of Khan", "2010", "Disclosure", numerous award-winning TV commercials, and music videos by Herbie Hancock, Madonna, and others.

Laserium Effects Have Been Featured In The Following:

Music Videos
Angels & Airwaves - Hallucinations
The Carpenters
Def Leppard "Promises"
Frankie Goes To Hollywood "Relax"
Herbie Hancock "Vibe Alive"
Jefferson Starship
Kidd Video
Madonna "Burning Up For Your Love"

Promises - Def Leppard

Vibe Alive - Herbie Hancock

ABC Network Olympic Promotions
'Battlestar Galactica'
Buick Rivera Commercial
CBS News (L.A.) 'Hypnosis Special'
Chevy Citation Commercial
'Click' -TV Game Show
Datsun Commercial
Disney Channel
Dodge Commercial
'Eye On L.A.'
'Fantasy Island'
'Freaks and Geeks'
'The Goldbergs'
Hanna-Barbera 'Space Stars'
Honeywell Commercial
Japan Air Lines Commercial
Jolly Rancher Commercial
'Mork & Mindy'
Nat. Geographic Children's Spec.
Nat. Geographic Hi-Tech Special
NBC Kron News Special
NBC 'Master-TV' Series
Nissan Commercial
Orkin Commercial
PBS 'Fast Forward' Series
Pepsi/Miami Vice Commercial
'PM Magazine'
'Ripley's Believe It Or Not'
Sears Craftsman Tool Commercial
Shirley Maclain's 'Where Do We Go From Here'
'Silverspoons' Universal
'Tales Of The Unexpected'
Westinghouse Commercial
Wrangler Commercial

Mork & Mindy


Jolly Rancher Virtual Reality


   (1984-Dir. Peter Hyams)
American Pop
   (1981-Dir. Ralph Bakshi)
The Black Hole
   (1979-Dir. Gary Nelson)
   (1999-Dir. Frank Oz)
   (1983-Dir. Douglas Trumbull)
   (1995-Dir. Frank Marshall)
   (1994-Dir. Barry Levinson)
Dead Of Night
   (1977-Dir. Dan Curtis)
Ghost Warrior
   (1986-Dir. J. Larry Carroll)
Invitation To Hell
   (1984-Dir. Wes Craven)
The Jazz Singer
   (1980-Dir. Richard Fleischer)
   (1980-Dir. Herbert Ross)
   (1984-Dir. John Carpenter)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture
   (1979-Dir. Robert Wise)
Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan
   (1982-Dir. Nicholas Meyer)

Dead of the Night


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